About Us

Who we are

Established in 1993, M&T Displays has been organized with the commitment to catch the unrivalled standards in products and service of Point of Sale and Display world passing years has made no changes on our M&T values which are;
- Universal business ethics
- Reliability
- Innovation
- Pursuit of excellence
- Caring customer service for maximum satisfaction


The success of our firm generates from well organized skilled professionals, investment and manpower, with a flexible production which fully carries out the needs of our dealers. Those combined with our principle "act and respond on the same day", superlative quality and long years experience in providing effective solutions, bring up the desirable results for outdoor and indoor displays.


The relationship with our clients based on providing outstanding levels of service, communication and confidence, has created the M&T Displays' reputation which we are aware of its serious responsibility.


We again point out that "Our displays systems offer you solutions today for your communication needs in the future."

Our endless motivation is to make you look professional and desirable.


Our display capabilities are endless as well as the markets we serve.


From concept to design to manufacturing our company continues to excel as a leader ın ıts industry in terms of promotional sales and product development. We employ an extremely diversified, knowledgeable and talented staff well qualified to determine ways to best promote and exhibit your product and most importantly; targeted for maximum marketing and advertising exposure.


Our primary product line continues to be directed towards the interior and exterior displays with regards to sales and marketing support products is unlimited. It may be worthy to mention that many of the in-house services we offer that are employed in the manufacturing of the many promotional sales products we offer are also available as stand alone services as well.



10 reasons to do business with us:

There is always someone to answer your call during business hours.
- We ship anywhere in the world, we obtain the best
- Freight rates for our customers.
- Our delivery time is two weeks after order approval.
- We provide personal attention whether you order small or large quantities. We work with you to ensure that you find what you need
- We design and manufacture customized products
- Large selection of Displays, continuosly developed and improved.
- You can save money with us
- Order is easy , trained & intelligent support by executives.
- All our products are desigred, patented, protected and manufactred in our own factories.


M&T Displays is a privately held corporation with headquarters in Gebze/Kocaeli - Turkey. Its primary business involves the design manufacturing, distribution and sales of display equipments.


M&T has succeeded in providing innovative quality display products and services to many diversified product markets. Our company continues its mission as well as commitment to the design, development and manufacturing of high quality constructed sales and marketing support products providing an unlimited variety of display product solutions.


At M&T Displays, we continue to evolve with additional products and services to meet the every growing request of our customers. Our diversified product manufacturing capabilities provides a one stop solution for all of your display product and service requirements.